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Interview Tips & Common Interview Questions for teaching jobs in Korea

Once any of school shows an interest in you, the phone interview will be set up and the supervisor or school director will call you for the interview. A typical interview will be 15 minutes - 30 minutes long. Schools will decided whether or not hire you through this short interview so it is very crucial to

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8 Tips for staying sane while teaching in Korea

Everyone comes to Korea having read the blogs of the bitter teachers and vows to never become one of them. Even before you’ve set foot in the country, you’re thinking about how grateful you would be to even have a job here or have the opportunity to teach. Here is the reality. Korea is an

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Out and About (Seoul subway & bus)

By:  Alicia Trawick When you first arrive in Seoul, you are probably dying to get out there and see what the city has to offer.  Fortunately, Seoul has one of the best public transportation systems on this side of the world.  It’s quick, convenient and relatively inexpensive.  You can get to virtually anywhere within city

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US-FBI Criminal Record Check

Getting your FBI check in the U.S. – Regular 6-8 weeks processing time The easiest and fastest way to get your National FBI Criminal Background Check in order to come to Korea on an E2 visa is to visit a Live Scan Location. Because Live Scan technology offers digital fingerprints, the processing time for the

AU&NZ Criminal Record Check

Australia Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information   Australian citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a National Police Check criminal record check. This process takes at least 3 weeks, so please apply for it ASAP! Step 1: Print and complete the National Police Check application form, found online. Click here Step 2: Mail the following

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Pre-paid Phone // Phone repair

I’ve stumbled upon a great little shop in Itaewon (이태원) that has a very large assortment of used prepaid phones and a great, quick mobile phone repair service.  The shop specializes in iPhone repair (A/S ~ known to Koreans as “after-service”), but a lot of the signs read that they can also repair most smart

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Apartment Hunting

By:  Alicia Trawick Most expats spend their first year in Korea, living in an apartment, officetel or villa style housing that is provided by their school. Often times, public schools provide their teachers with apartments or officetels. An officetel is usually a studio-like apartment that is typically more modern and convenient but often very small.

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Body and mind well-traveled

The 19th century English cleric and writer, Charles Caleb Colton, said that “those who visit foreign nations but associate only with their own country-men, change their climate but not their customs. They see new meridians but the same men, and with heads as empty as their pockets, return home with traveled bodies and untraveled minds”.

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