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East coast beach trip

My first trip in the spring of 2013 was a success!  My partner and I hopped in my car and started driving east, with no real destination in mind.  We had both been to the Gangwando province and had already visited the famous Seorak mountain, so we had a rough idea of what the area

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South Africa Criminal Record Check

South African citizens must submit an apostilled copy of a Police Clearance Certificate. The whole process to get an apostilled Police Clearance Certificate takes at least 1-2 months so you must apply as soon as possible! If you can provide the Police with a sample contract, the process will be expedited and you can receive

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UK&IR Criminal Record Check

UK Criminal Record Check Requirements & Information   Getting Police Clearance for British You can submit online application at What you will need 1. Proof of your current address - You must provide ONE proof of your current address from this list. Your current address is where you live now and can be outside of the UK. The UK driving licence

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CA-RCMP Criminal Record Check

Canadian citizens must submit a notarized & verified copy of a Certified Criminal Record Check. This copy must have been issued within the last 6 months. Electronic submission is the fastest option and takes 10-12 days where a mailed request can take up to 12 weeks! Remember to make a request for 2 notarized

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