Once any of school shows an interest in you, the phone interview will be set up and the supervisor or school director will call you for the interview. A typical interview will be 15 minutes – 30 minutes long. Schools will decided whether or not hire you through this short interview so it is very crucial to be well prepared to secure a position.

Here are the keys to successful job interviewing. Follow these simple rules and you should achieve success!

  • Do plan to get ready by your phone about 10 minutes early. If you don’t answer your phone for a job interview is never excusable. If you are running late, promptly contact us for assistance.
  • Do show clear accent. Korean employers prefer North American accent. If you don’t have North-American accent, try to speak with neutral accent.
  • Do speak loud and clear considering skype or international phone call quality. This shows also confidence.
  • Do enunciate words and do not speak too fast, or too slow. Try to convey your saying clearly in consideration of Korean Interviewer’s listening capability.
  • Do show enthusiasm in the position and the company by asking proper questions to show interests. Be creative! 
  • Do have good motives to come to Korea and teach. Don’t say that you are coming to Korea b/c of your girl friend or boy friend or for travel purpose or adventure.
  • Do show that you have good class management skills
  • Do avoid using poor language, slang, and pause words (such as “like,” “uh,” “um” and “you know”). Most people do more than they know. Try to memorize answers for expected questions to prevent this.
  • Do have a high confidence and energy level with bright personality, but don’t be overly aggressive.
  • Do avoid controversial topics. Don’t say anything negative about former employers, or supervisors.
  • Do stress your achievements. Especially your any teaching related experiences. Try to make a chance to elaborate them. And don’t offer any negative information about yourself.
  • Don’t bring up or discuss personal issues or family problems.
  • Don’t inquire about salary, vacations, bonuses or other benefits until after you’ve received an offer. It’s not considered polite, in Korean culture, for applicant’s to ask questions about salary, apartments, airfare, benefits, etc. Obviously these matters are important and need to be addressed, however, it’s best to direct these types of questions to us and/or one of the other ESL teachers currently working at the school. The interviewer wants to listen your passion for teaching rather than your interest in benefits themselves.
  • Do ask intelligent questions about the job, company, or industry. Don’t ever not ask any questions — it shows a lack of interest.
  • Do close the interview by telling the interviewer(s) that you want the job and asking about the next step in the process.

Here are the expected interview questions. Be prepared mentally for successful interview with well prepared answers!

General Questions

  • Please introduce yourself stating your Name, Age, Nationality, Academic Background.
  • Please explain WHY you want to come to Korea to teach English.
  • If any, please describe your Teaching Experience citing Age Group, Subjects, Length, How Taught.
  • Please describe your Skills and Capabilities in Teaching.
  • Please describe your Personality that should help you become a Good Teacher.

 More detailed Questions

  • What do you think of the first ability that a teacher has to possess?
  • What kind of students do you like to work with? What type of students do you think that you could teach most effectively?
  • There are many different levels of English in each class. How will you solve these discrepancies?
  • How would you help students feel successful and motivated?
  • How are you going to motivate/encourage students especially who are shy or who are very new to English?
  • The students in your class are complaining about the homework you assigned. How can you handle the problem?
  • Your class’s grade average is almost at the bottom. How can you deal with the problem?
  • What quality or qualities do you have that may help teach a class? and why?
  • Tell me about a teacher who have most influenced you.
  • Tell me about a voluntary service or internship that you did during school life.
  • Who do you respect the most? Why?
  • Could you describe the most impressive class of your life?
  • What is the most important thing during school life?
  • Do you have any hobbies or special ability?
  • Do you have a plan to develop your aptitude?
  • Could you describe a book or movie you’ve seen recently?
  • Have you ever been to Korea and know any of Korean Culture?

 If you have previous teaching experience in Korea

  • Please describe an unforgettable student in your class?
  • Please describe your teaching method that students responded well?
  • Please describe the rules you made for better class?