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Since establishment in 1999, we have placed teachers all over Korea at private language school jobs and public school jobs. Our expertise in recruiting over 13 years, PlanetESL Recruiting, Jiyeon Kim, Owner & CEO decided to renew TeachEnglishKorea website to help teachers not only finding a reputable job but also to show real life what it is like as an expat living in Korea. We make TeachEnglishKorea live and diverse with a team of very experienced recruiters and expat blogger who explore their lives in Korea.

Why Are We The Best

Why Teach English Korea

Our Company Mission

We will guide every step of the way from the moment you submit your online application to TeachEnglishKorea and provide you on-going support while you are living in Korea.

TeachEnglishKorea Philosophy

We want to collaborate with you, not just place a job for you, with your preferences from the beginning. We treat every individual fairly and ethically.

TeachEnglishKorea Promise

We do our best to find you a job that you want and support you all the way while you are working and living in Korea.


“I’ve been placed in three different teaching positions in Korea through Jiyeon Kim and all three were excellent. The directors in each school were honest, reliable and more than willing to accommodate my needs. Each school has had a curriculum which was easy to adapt to with little to no preparation outside of teaching hours. I was always paid on time directly into my bank account.

Jiyeon herself has been there for me throughout my entire experience here in Korea. After my placements, especially in the beginning, I had questions and concerns I wanted addressed and she has always made herself available to me. Jiyeon Kim is a reliable, trustworthy recruiter who is responsible even after she has finished placing teachers.

Jiyeon Kim also has the knack of placing ‘like minded’ people in every school I ‘ve worked for, thusly I have become good friends with my co-workers. Her knowledge and experience with the English language and her keen sense of personality have given her a good name not only for prospective teachers but also to schools here in Korea.

I can speak only well of Jiyeon Kim for she has been a great recruiter, a trustworthy source of information, and a good friend.”

Scott L., Canada
“My name is Carla Jeffrey; I have just completed my second contract in Korea. When I first started working in Korea, I went through a recruiting agency based in New Zealand, Jiyeon was my contact on the Korean end. The school that I was initially placed with was great; I had no problems or issues with my employers. My second contract was a little different.

I have had many problems, but they seemed manageable, as any time I had any issues I would contact Jiyeon and she was always helpful and gave me great advice as to how I should handle the situation. My current woes with my school were particularly worrisome. I was constantly in contact with Jiyeon regarding my problem. She was calm and very knowledgeable regarding how I should approach and discuss my problems with my employers. She has been excellent as an intermediary between my employers and myself.

Jiyeon has always been extremely helpful.”

Carla J., New Zealand
“Finding a competent recruiter in Korea is no easy task. More often than not, they are nothing more to you than a name and a phone number. They try to set up interviews at inconvenient times (i.e., the next morning) in places you have no idea how to get to. Or, they drop the names of numerous high-profile Hogwons, but the interviews, let alone jobs, never seem to come. As you can see, I have had my fair share of bad experiences with recruiters – but, luckily, I met Jiyeon before I got too desperate and settled for something less than ideal.

I am one of Jiyeon”

Thomas, USA
“I had been looking to teach English in Korea for a long time when I first came across PlanetESL, and a friend and I had both recently finished University so were ready to head out soon. We were looking for a position working and living together, I had sent some applications to a few jobs I’d seen posted online, one of which was being offered through his organization.

Michael, the director at PlanetESL, called me to find out about me and exactly what I was looking for, and also to answer any questions about his organization, the job, or about living and working in Korea in general. Once he was confident the job was a good match for my friend and I, he put us in touch with the school’s director for an interview and to ask some questions directly. It went well and we were interested in the position, however, they needed us much sooner than we could make arrangements for.

Still intent on helping us find a job that met our very specific demands, he stayed in touch with us, frequently updating us by phone and email on what he had found, what he expected to be able to find for us, etc. Then the news came that the school was interested in us again since they hadn’t been able to find anyone who could come as immediately as they had been hoping. Michael helped us through the contract signing process and was very thorough and knowledgeable throughout. Once it was certain we were coming he continued to help us every step along the way, with flight arrangements, visa arrangements, answering our endless questions, and just generally making us feel confident that this major transition would go smoothly. In the days leading up to the flight here to Korea, Michael was great, calling almost every day to make sure everything was OK, that we weren’t stressed out about everything and that we had everything we needed.

He met us at the airport in Seoul and drove us to meet out new boss at our apartment. There had been some uncertainty about what exactly our accommodation would be like and we ultimately chose to trust Michael when he told us that we would be happy. My friend and I planned our trip here long and thoroughly but it’s impossible to know and control everything when making arrangements from the other side of the world, but the accommodation, like everything else we simply hoped would work out well, was great. We like everything about out situation here and have had our expectations met on every aspect of our work and living situation, thanks to Michael. After our arrival, he would call us every week or two to see if we were OK, if there was anything he could do, and to make sure we were happy with everything. He even makes himself available to us on his cell phone, in case we ever are stuck somewhere and could use his help (he speaks borderline fluent Korean, the best of any foreigner I know here).

I’ve met a lot of people since I came here who have used recruiters and I haven’t heard of anyone who was as thorough and as supportive as Michael. Many recruiters have little contact with their placements after the job starts and few are interested in seeing if their placements are happy, but Michael has been fantastic in these regards, and I would totally recommend him to anyone considering coming to Korea.

Jason Dion”

Jason, Canada
“I was very pleased to find PlanetESL while looking for work in Korea. PlanetESL made the process of interviewing, obtaining a visa and the requisite paperwork easy. Most importantly they lined me up with a reputable school that has delivered everything promised in terms of salary, benefits and housing. I would be happy to trust PlanetESL for future recruitment and to recommend their services.”
Michael, Australia
“Hi Jiyeon We are finally here, can you believe it!!! Everything is lovely and Warren and I are having a fantastic time, he\’s out running, which is a luxury we don’t have at home, to run at night safely, so we\’re both very happy. We really just want to thank you for all the work you put into getting us here, we could have never done it without you, and this is such a lovely opportunity, Warren and I are just bursting with excitement. I hope we can stay in touch and that this isn’t the end of the road. Have a lovely day and take care. Sincerest Regards Warren and Lerato”
Warren and Lerat, South Africa
“Hi, how are you doing? I’m doing very well here in Sacheon at E.Bo Young’s Talking Club! I’m set up in my apartment and have been teaching now for about 3 weeks. The director and the other teachers here have been great! Thanks again for all your effort!”
Derek B., USA
“Dear Jiyeon , I am writing to you to thank you for all the time you have invested in me I truly do appreciate it, you were very honest , kind and patient to say the least lol. Thank you SO SO MUCH !! Adam Crego”
Adam C., Canada
“I’m sure that you know that I have arrived okay to Gunpo! I don’t have internet quite yet at my apartment so I am at an internet cafe today. Thank you for all of your help to get here! The supervisors at my school are all very nice and helpful. I will be sure to be in touch with you should I need anything. Best, Amanda”
Amanda, USA
“PlanetESL is a fantastic and reliable source for securing a job in Korea. Their staff maintains swift and consistent communication throughout the process. They are incredibly friendly and work hard to employ you where and when you’d like to be placed. I am 100% happy with their service and would easily recommend them to anyone considering teaching in Korea. PlanetESL makes the process so much easier and fights for the position you want. Thank you, PlanetESL!”
Robin H., USA
“Jiyeon from Planet ESL was amazing. Very organized and helpful. Thank you!”
Deanthony F., Korea
“Planet ESL worked tirelessly for me in the months prior to my arrival in South Korea. I was traveling in Africa for about 2 months before the EPIK orientation, which added an extra layer of complications in terms of getting my Visa, finalizing paperwork, etc. Planet ESL (particularly Liz and Jiyeon) did everything they could to make sure things went smoothly – and I know I created a lot of extra work for them. In the end, everything turned out great. Thanks again for all of your hard work!”
Christina, USA
“Hi Jiyeon, I just got connected today, yes everything is wonderful, I am so happy with my school, director and co workers. Also my apartment is completely brand new and I am surrounded by shops. I have been shadowing a Canadian teacher and also a teacher from the Philippines and It has been very good, tomorrow I have my first day teaching. The director and her family have been amazing, they have helped me out so much, more than enough, I am very lucky. So THANK YOU for finding me this job because It Is a gem. Yes the weather is Busan Is now becoming very hot and I really glad I chose Busan because I feel that I am getting to experience Korean culture and way of life, I have already tried Korean food and I love It. Ok so I will be touch soon to let you know how everything is going. Thank you so much again. Best regards Sinead”
Sinead B., UK
” I’ve waited too long to post this testimonial, but it is definitely something that needs to be done. A friend recommended I use Planetesl.com to apply for work in Korea, and as soon as I contacted them, it was clear that this is a very professional efficient recruitment agency. My recruiters name was Liz and from the start I could ask her anything. Her replies were always speedy and adequate and I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on, which is something I am very thankful for, since applying to go work in a country so far and foreign can be a scary process. Working with planetesl.com made this process (which can get tedious) easy with effective feedback and help. Thank you so much PlanetESL.”
Janina T., South Africa
“Hi Jiyeon, I have just got my mail set up at home, so I can email now. Thank you so much for all your help! I am so happy at my school and everything is going great. I have also moved into my apartment. I am enjoying Korea so far and I’m grateful for all your help! Regards Sane”
Sane B., South Africa
“I worked with Planet ESL for many months leading up to my departure to teach English in Korea with EPIK. They helped me with every single step, and I felt confident and never felt confused or stressed during the long, difficult and complext application process. They were always very prompt with replying to my emails and questions, and their answers were always accurate and clear. I would definitely recommend working with PlanetESL if you are thinking about or planning on teaching abroad. I wouldn’t think twice about recommending them to friends, or using them again in the future.”
Rachel, Canada
“I was fortunate to work with Planet ESL in 2010 when I was applying to come work in public schools in Seoul. Where other recruiters typically made me nothing more than a file number or a part of their mailing list, JiYeon and Brittany were outstanding. They kept constant contact with me, updated me on all of the newest developments, always answered any of my questions, and, most importantly, kept me calm when I started to get too frustrated or stressed from waiting for news. I truly felt as if they cared about my desire to work in Korea and they did everything they could to make that dream come true. I will always appreciate their efforts!”
Aaron M., Korea
“Hi Jiyeon, I thought I would drop you a line to confirm that I am adjusting amazingly well here in Cheoungju! My new director and co workers have been helpful and kind to me, everything has been taken care of. I am just waiting for my alien card to process, and then I can live like a citizen here! I like everything so far, especially the food! Thanks again for all of your help, for arranging everyone to meet me here when I arrived, and I will let you know if I have any concerns, thought I have a feeling that I won’t! Take care, Ange”
Angela A., Canada
“I am now in my5th month in the EPIK program and I would like to Thank Planet ESL for helping me obtain this great position here in Korea. I have been living in Korea for over 4 years and this is my first year in the EPIK program. It was a long and arduous process and they were so patient and helpful. I was so glad that I had them to help me with all the paperwork and getting information with orientation and especially the FBI checks. Boy, they were a pain. The whole process took about 5 months but it is really worth the wait. For those interested in the program, I recommend that you should inquire and contact Planet ESL. Their team members are efficient and quick to return any phone calls or emails. I had applied to four recruiting agencies and this one replied back on the same day. “They were on the money.” To any of you out there looking to travel and make money, do the EPIK program since it is government sponsored. Thanks Planet ESL!!! Calvin Johnson”
Calvin L. J., USA
“I really was nervous about the prospect of teaching English in South Korea. I don’t speak the language and had no idea what to expect and really did not want to put myself in a position where I might be taken advantage of. All the same, teaching abroad is an incredible opportunity and a great experience. That is why I decided to go through a recruiter- to protect myself while embarking on a great adventure. It was the best decision I could ever have made. Jiyeon helped me every step of the way, patiently explained the process of attaining all the necessary documents and found me a fantastic school. I really feel as though she went above and beyond in helping me especially when after my documents took forever I had to be reassigned to a different school due to a difference in timing and availability. Within 24 hours she had a new school lined up and it has been a fantastic place so far! I have been here a month and everything so far has been wonderful. Moreover, I am reassured that if ever I need help or in the event I might have questions, Jiyeon is an invaluable resource I can always count on for prompt responses, a thorough understanding of programs and placements, and any other nuances that may arise.”
Jenn K., USA