If you’re preparing to head over to Korea you should check out The Arrival Store. Founded in 2009 with the mission of helping expats to start “living and loving their life abroad”, they can help you out in two ways:


  • By having all the stuff you’re going to need in your new apartment – bedding, towels, cleaning supplies – waiting for you when you arrive (they let you return anything you don’t need), and only pay for it 60 days later
  • With a free pre-departure call from one of their Transition Experts – Expats who have lived and taught in Korea and can give you the insider scoop on what it’s like to live there, what you need to take, and how you can prepare
  • With an ever-growing store of free articles, guides, and information at The Expat Lounge – written by experienced expats and designed to be informative, reliable, and comprehensive

Here’s what people have to say about The Arrival Store:


Great customer service! Ordering a cellphone through TAS was convenient and shipped extremely fast. Took all of the hassle out of trying to set one up with the assistance of a translator. Nate was especially helpful in answering all of my questions and resolving concerns.” – Kimberley


Hi. I’m Zuri and I LOVE TAS! I picked up my phone when I landed in Incheon. I had my other items delivered to my school. The staff was awesome and super helpful. I even ordered food from TAS. It makes it so much easier.” – Zuri


The transition from the Southern United States to Daejeon is a bit daunting, but your amazing customer service and understanding has made smoothed the process greatly. I’ll be doing more business with you, and recommend you to anyone moving to Korea.” – Dr. Ryan Bodenstein

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