120hrs Online TESOL Certificate


A TESOL/TEFL Certificate has many benefits to you as an ESL Teacher.

If you are applying for a Public School job, this certificate will qualify you for a higher pay bracket, as well as make you a more attractive, competitive candidate.

Why not increase your chances of being hired and at the same time, guarantee yourself a better salary?

Remember that for EPIK Public School positions, you must complete the program before your teaching contract/semester starts. We strongly recommend that all EPIK Public School applicants get a TESOL/TEFL certification.

If you are applying for a Private School job, a TEFL/TESOL certificate tells employers that you are serious about a position and dedicated to the ESL teaching field. We suggest that our teachers get a certificate before the school semester starts, so you can get a higher salary starting at the beginning of your contract. However, if you finish the course during the semester, your pay will be raised from the month you submitted your certificate.

There are many TESOL/TEFL programs out there, but we recommend this 120 Hour TESOL/ITTTcourse to you. To enroll and obtain this program, please contacts us at jobs@planetesl.com

Why this TESOL/ITTT course?


  • Certification only costs $250 and you can complete the course online at home, in just 3-4 weeks.
  • This program has demonstrated that it is excellent at corresponding with the teachers and quickly providing their certificates and letters of enrolment, (required for EPIK teachers as part of the hiring process).
  • Legitimate and essential curriculum provided by an experienced company that has been training ESL teachers for over 10 years.
  • Each trainee will receive the course materials at their own individual email addresses and they will each receive a free course in either Business English or Young Learners.
  • Teachers finish this course more quickly than some of the other programs.
  • All the course units will be sent via email in the form of PDF and RTF documents, there is also a downloadable video that accompanies the courses.
  • Internationally recognized and respected program. ITTT is the ONLY online TESOL course provider externally accredited and moderated by IATQuO (International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations).
  • This TESOL/ITTT program will correspond with us directly, making it easy for us to obtain your completed certificate and pass it on to your school.


Course graduates will have an awareness of the skills required to be a successful English teacher, including English grammar and teaching techniques. First-time teachers will feel more confident in the classroom, and experienced teachers will broaden their skills.

The 120 course is made up of 20 unites or modules, selected to gradually build up student’s knowledge. Work at your own pace!

The Online 120 Hour TESOL Certification course units are as follows: (each unit approximately 6 hours)

Teachers and learners.
Introduction to English grammar and parts of speech.
Teaching theories, methods and techniques.
The present.
Managing classes.
The past.
How to teach new language.
The future.
Teaching receptive skills.
Modals and conditionals.
Teaching productive skills.
Passive voice and other commonly taught grammar items.
Teaching pronunciation.
Lesson planning.
Lessons in practice (Video/CD ROM)
Course books and other classroom materials.
Educational technology.
Evaluating and testing students.
Teaching special groups.
Trouble shooting.
Supplementary unit/module – Finding a job
and thirty-five top tips for classroom teaching.